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Teenagers Welcome:

Is Someone close to You Addicted?

Your Dad? Your Mom? Sister, Brother or Friend?

You do not need to be an addict yourself to be hurt by addiction

Join Us – We help each other find solutions. 

Our group for teenagers is a 12-step group, affiliated with Nar-Anon, a worldwide fellowship that helps families affected by addiction.  Participation is confidential, with no required payments. Meetings are open at all times to all who feel that they will benefit

For information about meetings and support, contact us by phone or by email:

Teenagers, family members, friends and others may contact us for more information about the group for teenagers:

By phone: 054-565 0957

General information on line about Nar-Anon and all Nar-Anon meetings in Israel:


Hotline: 050-5845886

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